At Proton we’re bringing cutting-edge technology to the world of business-to-business distribution. It’s a large market that offers an enormous opportunity for growth. The industry we serve accounts for trillions of dollars of revenue a year. It’s a chance to have an impact by shaking up an industry that’s still waking up to the promise of technology. We have a chance to really transform the way a huge number of people work for the better, and bridge the gap between amazing software tools and human expertise.

Our engineering team spans interests and disciplines. We have people who sweat the last detail of every design and others who obsess over the latest machine learning research. We’re not trying to build a cookie-cutter solution to our customer’s problems. We want to give them something they have to have, built on amazing technology.

This blog is a showcase to give everyone a window into our engineer’s amazing work.

How we work

Most of our development is done in Python, Go, and JavaScript (with the Vue framework). We’re all about pushing the envelope: we also use tools to automate processes and run infrastructure as code. Everything we do — even this very blog — runs in Docker containers orchestrated with Kubernetes. For machine learning, we tend to use Keras, but have been known to dabble in PyTorch from time to time. We’re also big fans of the Python scientific computing community and tools like NumPy and SciPy.

Where we work

Since March 2020 and the outbreak of Covid-19, we’ve been completely remote. We don’t even have a lease on an office! Our team members work out of the US (in Boston, San Francisco, and Austin, among other places) and in Europe, in North Macedonia and Greece.

Once the public health situation has improved — and we mean really improved — we plan to lease an office in Boston that will be our headquarters. As of writing, we expect to retain a healthy amount of work-from-home and other flexible work policies.